A sad case?

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A sad case?

Post by nickst4 »

Is there anyone else who just sits on their bikes in the shed/garage and dreams of the pleasure of riding them when the mucky winter weather relents? Our two Raptors are ready to go and need no servicing and I feel bad about ignoring them, so I give them a metaphorical cuddle every now and then... :roll:

Meanwhile, it's the Gilera NordWest twins that are getting all the attention. Twins as in two singles, that is. One is rather tatty and was going to be prettified this winter before a pristine one came along that just needed re-commissioning. They'll be fun to ride too, being the best singles I've ever had. :nod:

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Re: A sad case?

Post by andybaggies »

:D Ha-ha-ha like the dog in the AA advert... I've done it with the Ducati but because the Raptor is a bit of a ratter I have taken it out pre lockdown in the cold/bad weather.

And it still surprises me how jolly it is when giving it a biff in third... :revrev:

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Re: A sad case?

Post by witstu »

Fired mine up yesterday to warm it thoroughly through. Gave the throttle a couple of blips after a few minutes when choke was off and damn! The cable has snapped! At least it didn’t happen 100 mile from home. Will have to investigate in the near future.
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Re: A sad case?

Post by sidrat »

Yes i sit on mine all the time and then find another thing that needs doing!
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Re: A sad case?

Post by shebee »

Not sad at all! I am feeling so guilty about not taking the Ducati out, I always tell her ‘soon’ as I get the Grom out to do the essential shopping run... the scrambler got a new screen and panniers for Christmas and I haven’t had a chance to test them since, so sitting on it and going “duga duga” may have happened once or twice :oops:
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