Clutch adjustment

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Clutch adjustment

Post by Xavz » Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:35 am

Been off my bike for about 6 months and got back and getting clutch slip in all gears.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the cableto see if i can get any improvement before i look at replacing the clutch plates ( i think someone has been fiddling while i was away!)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Clutch adjustment

Post by andybaggies » Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:46 pm

Lets see if I can explain this from memory...

It might first be wise to remove the cover and loosen & disconnect the cable so you can clean everything up.

The push rod can get covered in chain gunk so I've bodged a plastic straw and spring for it that can also help the seal from weeping see
Clean and re-grease the release mechanism BUT BEWARE you don't loose any of the ball bearings inside. Check the cable or the handlebar lever isn't sticking either - more cleaning & re-greasing/lubing.

Once that's done reassemble without the cover and leave slack in the cable. Turn the adjustment screw until it hits the pushrod and then back it off 1/2 a turn. Then adjust the cable at the engine end so the lever on the release mechanism can be wiggled 10/15 degrees. The lever should also be at around 90 degrees from the release mechanism fixing bolts.

Adjust at the lever end, replace the cover and enjoy! :ride:

Andy B

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